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KASCD EdCamp for Teacher Leaders

31 Jan 2017 7:41 PM | Anonymous member

If you are a lead teacher or science curriculum leader this could be for you!

Curriculum & Instructional Leaders (teacher leaders, instructional coaches, principals, curriculum administrators/directors, assistant superintendents, and superintendents):

KASCD is offering an Edcamp/Unconference on February 10 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at the Wichita Airport in Wichita, KS.  This event is free for all KASCD members.  Others who wish to attend may join KASCD in order to attend.

Kansas ASCD (KASCD) is excited about hosting an Edcamp unconference for curriculum and instructional leaders. Come join us February 10, 2017 and participate in a full day that emphasizes peer-to-peer collaboratively learning focused on the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants, rather than following a conventionally structured program of events. The day will begin with a light breakfast and networking. Start thinking about a session that you'd like to add on the schedule. Don't worry about being prepared with a presentation; just come with a topic for discussion or a question that has been burning. After we kick off, we'll start our sessions. The "law of two feet" applies all day.

  • Hosted by KASCD to provide a forum for curriculum & instructional leaders to collaboratively discuss and exchange ideas over timely issues with which your district is confronted
  • Topics are set by you, the day of the event (e.g. individual plans of study; OVTs—outside validation teams; 5 Pillars of KansasCan; peer observations; civic engagement, great math resources (or any subject); KDG readiness; professional learning strategies that change practice; technology integration; assessments; SECD curriculum—socio emotional character development, etc.)
  • Sessions are determined the day of the event and driven by participant interest
  • Sessions created where anyone can be a presenter and everyone is a contributor
  • Reliant on the law of two feet that encourages participants to find a session that meets their needs
  • The agenda for the KASCD Edcamp is:

    7:45-8:20 AM   Gathering/Breakfast/Greeting
    8:20-8:45         Session planning
    8:50-9:45         Session 1
    9:45-10:00       Hallway Chats (defined as summary, reflection, & sharing highlights of session on chart paper)

    10:00-10:50     Session 2
    10:50-11:00     Hallway Chats
    11:00-11:50     Session 3
    11:50-1:00       Lunch (on your own at area restaurants or the hotel)
    1:00-1:15         Drawings/prizes
    1:15- 2:05        Session 4
    2:05-2:15         Hallway Chats/Snacks
    2:15-3:05         Session 5
    3:05-3:30 PM   Smackdown & Closing (The smackdown: a 15-20 minute time in which any willing participant has no more than 2 minutes to share an idea, tool or tip with the crowd).

    Registration is completed online at  http://www.KASCDedcamp. weebly.com  

  • To join KASCD please complete the following information and respond to  george.abel@usd253.net and then register at the above address.


    Email address:  


    School and Position:  

    Billing street address:  

    City, State  Zip:  


    Method of Payment:  __Check     __Bill Me     __ PO #

    George Abel, KASCD Treasurer

    Assistant Superintendent - Teaching and Learning

    Emporia USD 253

    1700 W 7th Avenue

    Emporia, KS  66801



KATS email:   kats.org1967@gmail.com

Payments and invoices should be sent to:

KATS Treasurer

P.O. Box 780899

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