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Board Agenda

23 Apr 2017 12:17 PM | Anonymous

AGENDA--KATS Board Meeting

April 23, 2017   12:15 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.

Rock Springs 4-H Camp




  •         I.       Call to Order (12:15 a.m.)


  •      II.       Changes/Additions to the Agenda
  •    III.       Approve Minutes from January 20, 2017 (KATS Board Meeting (@  Exploration Place

                                                                                                 IV.            300 N. McLean Blvd, Wichita, KS ‎ 67230)


  • IV.          Reports of Officers


  • A.     Past - President Dixie Smith
  • ·         Welcome/Opening Comments/Thank-you for a successful camp.
  • ·         Rock Springs has been a pleasure to work with.  It is apparent to me that it is a great advantage to work at a place where the facility is known and familiar. Daniel has been especially helpful at every turn. 
  • ·         The Friday evening steak fry went smoothly in spite of rain.  It would be my recommendation to do the event again at the Collegiate Shelter.  Rock Springs did not charge us for to use the shelter after all, and it was about the right size for the event.  Paul Adam’s and an outside supporter provided the meal, which consisted of steak grilled on site and other dishes catered and brought to camp.  If the group wants to repeat the steak fry next year, Paul is happy to arrange funding again, and I will also be happy to supervise the event.  (See new business.)
  • ·         Pass the gavel to incoming President, Carol Bonham
  • ·         2017-2018 duties:  Awards and Elections for Open Positions[i]


  • B.     President Carol Bonham
  • ·         2017-2018 duties:  Schedule and run Board Meetings; Liaison with Rock Springs


  • C.     President Elect Tim Elsen
  • ·         2017-2018 duties:  Plan and organize 2018 program for camp
  • D.     Vice President Nancy Smith
  • ·         KATS Kamp Vendors/Exhibitors and Donors
  • ·         Prizes for KATS Kamp (General Assemblies, Mealtimes, Regional Sessions, Evening entertainment)


  • E.Treasurer Report -- Shirley Rose
  • ·         Financial report


  • F. NSTA District XI Director  -- Carrie Launius.  (Planning for the 2018 Regional Meeting in St. Louis)


  •   V.          Other Reports
  • a.       KATS Kamp Registration – Eryn Norton-Moland and Erica
  • b.      Membership Chair Lori Coles
  • c.       Website Update – Randy Brull (New Business)
  • d.      Newsletter Elizabeth Tackett
  • e.       KACEE – Liaison vacancy
  • f.       Kansas State Department of Education Lizette Burks
  • g.       Informal Liaison Traci Kallhoff
  • h.      Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair – Liaison vacancy
  • i.        Wendell G. Mohling Foundation – Carol Mohling
  • j.        Regional Reports (Regions 1-6, Appendix III)




  • VI.          KSDE:  Lizette Burks


  • VII.          Breakout Work Sessions in Committees as needed.  See Appendix II.
  • Motions passed on to Secretary for New Business.


  • VIII.          Brief Reports, if needed, from Work Groups with identified issues and proposed solutions, and motions.
  • IX.          Old Business
  • Location of KATS organization documents     


  •   X.          New Business
  • ·         motions and action from workgroups (as needed)
  • WildApricot:  Helper to route and respond to general emails received at kats.org1967@gmail.com; Assistance with classifying incoming emails
  • ·         Should we have a steak fry again at camp in spring 2018?
  • ·         Summer conferences:  Congress and Stem
  • ·         Transition to Teaching (Alternative Licensure)
  • XI.          Announcements
  • XII.          Next Meeting TBA
  • XIII.          Adjourn (2:15 PM)




  • ·   2017 National Congress: July 19 – Saturday, July 22, Buffalo, New York
  • ·   2017 STEM Events: Atlanta (June 8-9); Cincinnati (June 14-15); St. Louis (July 18-19); Fayetteville (August 3-4)
  • ·   2019 National Conference, St. Louis




Appendix I:  Regions Map





Appendix II: Committees and Work Groups


Instead of standard committees (listed below), Board Members may form work groups for preparing for KATS Kamp Conference, Fall Mini-Conferences, or other activities.


[STANDARD COMMITTEES (and related Goals): Advocacy Committee: (G2); Technology Committee: (G1, G2); Mentoring and Preservice: (G3); Fundraising: (G3); Conference Planning Committee: (G3.2); Membership Committee: (G3.1); Nominating Committee and Awards: (G1)]


2016-2017 Work Groups:

  • 1.      Fall Virtual Mini-Conference Planning (as needed)
  • a.       Activities, Speakers
  • b.      Technology Needs
  • c.       Recruitment and Advertising
  • 2.      KAMP Recruitment and Advertising
  • 3.      Awards and Elections
  • 4.      Website Continued
  • 5.      Other?



Appendix III:  Regional Reports


Region 1:  Suggested fruit at snack times; they enjoyed seeing the Past-Presidents; they missed the Grand Illuminator.  Region I also suggested that we set up “innovation stations” for people to work in teams/brainstorm during sessions. 



[i] If you have not served two consecutive terms in your current position, you could run again.

KATS emails:  

Webmaster: webmaster@kats.org

Emails for all officers can be found at CONTACT US.

Payments and invoices should be sent to:

KATS Treasurer

P.O. Box 780899

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