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Jan 2017 KATS Board Minutes

23 Apr 2017 12:32 PM | Anonymous

KATS Board Meeting Minutes DRAFT


Jan 2017

At Exploration Place


1          Meeting Called to order at 10:23

Members present are: Julie Bergkamp, Katie Cox, Shirley Rose, Tim Elsen, Carol Bonham, Dixie Smith, Lori Coles, Randy Brull, Carol Mohling, Traci Kallhoff.  A quorum was present.

2          Changes/Additions to agenda

3          Minutes from the September meeting were not approved because Elizabeth had the           minutes and she was not present.  They will be emailed out for approval in the near        future.

4          Officer Reports

  • ·         Dixie
  • o   Opened up with a thank you to the past members of KATS who got this organization up   and running.
  • o   She also discussed her recent attendance of Train-the-Trainer on NGSS in Portland, OR.  She mentioned that the NGSS standards were much more flexible that she previously thought.
  • o   The down payment for Rock Springs was paid.  The final payment is due at KAMP, but Rock Springs would like an estimate just prior to the start of KAMP.  Shirley said would be helpful if our registrar were available to help with the payment to catch any discrepancies between what we were billed for and the number of attendees and our usages or services. The technology available will be the same as last year. The remodel of the ground floor of Heritage Hall is being remodeled and should be done.
  • ·         President-elect-Carol Bonham
  • o   KATS will be celebrating its 50th year.  It was suggested that the past presidents be invited for a reception.
  • o   Currently there are 15 presentations for Saturday morning 19 for Saturday afternoon and 5 for Sunday.  We need to get the word out because the deadline is sooner than it has been in previous years to allow for more time to produce the KAMP book.
  • o   She’s looking for scholarships to help people attend KAMP as well as put that information of those opportunities on the website.
  • o   We need volunteers to shuttle speakers from KCI to KAMP.
  • o   We need to spread the word on KAMP now that we are confident on website registration.  There is currently no fun-run scheduled for KAMP.
  • o   She’s got many left-over shirts, but many of them are not in great condition and many of the sizes are not available.  We need to decide as a board if we want to continue KATS memorabilia. 
  • o   Key note speakers are:
  • §  Jeff Goldstein, Dr. David Crowther-president elect from NSTA, Mike Weiss-for NASA Goddard  Space Center, Rex Buchanan- USGS, Steve Barbato- Executive Director of International Technology Engineering Educators Association, Matt Miller, Matt Haddock       , Kathy Horsemeier, Harry Henderson- Director of Lake Afton Observatory
  • §  Jeff has a speaker fee, but it has been approved.  David doesn’t have a speaker fee, but will be reimbursed for lodging but most of them are speaking as friends of KATS.  The Molhing foundation has given 12 photos to use as gifts for speakers.  The list of speakers is phenomenal, but we need to be sure to get the word out on them.
  • ·         Vice President –Time Elsen
  • o   So far he has contacted 11 vendors.  He put it on pause because they were asking about pricing.  Currently, we charge $80/person for early bird registration.  It also included as 1 year membership.  There is a $35 charge for an 8 ft. table and $50 for 2 8 ft. tables.  This does not include lodging and meals.  This is a change in how the pricing is broken down because of our change to using High Touch.  Tim did a test run and there was a glitch that was causing it to be free.  Carol brought up the fact that the vendors are not excited to pay $80/person, but Rock Springs is paying insurance and we have to pay to use the rooms.  Carol Mohling reminded us we need to run this as business and quit thinking as teachers. They are getting tax write-offs for this.  At national conferences pay registration fees; they are expecting to do that.  This gives them membership and is helpful in maintaining contact with them after KAMP is over.  She encouraged us to look at KAMP guest registration.  They are not going to presentations, but are at KAMP.  They would register, but there isn’t a spot for them to do so.  Randy is going to be sure to get the website to say vendor registration is $80/person and the table options will also appear.
  • o   Tim bragged about Region IV.  They will have a regular meeting in early November called KATS at the Zoo.  It worked out well.  Previously their region meetings had been 10 college students.  The last event at the zoo was approximately 40 people with about 75% of them being college students.
  • ·         Past President- Brian Cole
  • o   Was not present to give a report
  • o    
  • ·         Treasurer Report-Shirley Rose
  • o   2015 KAMP paid for its self and profited $24.  In 2016 we finished KAMP ~$3,000 in the hole.  She expressed her concern that we do not have people attending meetings to get the word out and get necessary tasks completed.  We need active board members and we have 157 members means we do not have many members.   .  At this point we are looking into dipping into our saved money.  Our first payment to Rock Springs is paid.  Pay Pal is up and working for registrations and we are getting the non-profit fee.   We bank with UMB.  They no longer have Saturday hours.  The bank is hoping to make the service where they can take a picture of a check to deposit it.  She is also looking to talk to Erin about the Square. She also is concerned with getting loose ends and having all money collected by May.  She wondered if having all money going to one place would be beneficial.  Randy mentioned that when someone registers it creates an invoice.  It is possible for Shirley to mark on that invoice who has paid and Lori can then see that.  When someone pays from Pay Pal, it should show up on both Shirley and Lori’s end.  Shirley will also get an email conformation any time money comes to KATS from Pay Pal.
  • o   Randy was given a round of applause.  He’s been great with the website and helping everyone that has needed him.  He has made payments out of his own pocket to Wild Apricot.  Paying them is something we need to do.  They only accept credit.  Shirley is against getting a KATS credit card to pay this.  Randy recommends giving this responsibility to Shirley.  She can pay from her personal credit card and then write a check to reimburse herself.

There was a short break from 11:45-12:00

5          Special Reports

  • ·         Wendell G. Mohling Foundation
  • o   We have a winner!  Laura Leis form Lindsborg.  She teaches 6th grade and is going to go to the national convention in LA.  She was given $500 for the trip from the foundation and her school board offered to pay the balance.  The best part of this was that she found this because of the KATS website.  The deadline will remain September 1st and the requirements will stay the same. 
  • ·         Webmaster—Randy Brull
  • o   He started with a tour of the website.  The News feature was looked at in depth because it will be a great feature in keeping members updated.  It’s possible for board members to add to the page on their own.  If it’s an attachment, it can be sent to Randy and will get it up on the news.  He then showed how to log in to the website and which features are available to members and non-members.  It was decided the president needs to have access to being an administrator so that he or she can effectively contact members and board members about meetings.
  • o   Tim suggested that we put a widget on the page so that people can follow us on FaceBook and Twitter.  And also, a “live feed” of the most recent tweets.
  • o   There was a suggestion that we could use a place to email board members or executive board members. This would make it easier to contact board members about meeting or for members or potential members to ask questions.  It was also suggested that at the top we make a new category called “resources” to post newsletters, lesson plans, and activities.
  • ·         Membership—Lori Coles
  • o   She noted that she sent out over 100 emails to people that had expired memberships.  Some of them had come back to her, some were teachers that retired, and some of them thanked her for letting know memberships have expired.
  • ·         KACEE-Dan Whistler
  • o   There are some special projects he is working on and will not be able to be a representative and Wendy will step in as a representative.  He is at the college level and she is not.

6          Session work from 1:50-2:35

  • ·         Dixie brought up that Lizette Burks had been in contact with her about a donation to KSDE in support of the Kanas Excellence Math/Science Teacher Conference.  It was brought up that the issue was voted on at the last meeting so discussion ended.
  • ·         Tim moved to increase the table price from $35 for 1 table and $50 for two to $50 for 1 and $75 for 2 and it was seconded by Carol Bonham.  These fees are in addition to the $80 registration fee for the 1 day early bird price.  A two day fee is $150.  MOTION CARRIED.
  • ·         Tim and Tracy were discussion off site networking social.  There could be a “KATS birthday party” that would be outside of Rock Springs.
  • ·         Tim moved create a new registration level called “nonparticipation” that would be $25.  It was seconded by Scott Capes.  Julie questioned what was to stop anyone from registering as a nonparticipant.  We could monitor this with different colored name tags. Tracy questioned calling it nonparticipant.  This would cause confusion for vendors since it seems as though they are not participating in the conference.  The last suggestion was to call it guest.  It was decided that the official name could be confirmed at a later time, but the creation of the new level was agreed upon.  MOTION CARRIED.
  • ·         Advertising with 500 postcards distributed within the regions will be done.  Board members will then distribute them within their region.  There will be electronic post cards available also.  Carol reminded us that the best thing is for us to each bring a friend to KAMP with us.

7          Meeting was adjourned at 3:09

The next meeting is April 23rd at KATS Kamp.



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