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Mohling Foundation extends application deadline to October 16.

01 Oct 2019 2:05 PM | Anonymous

The deadline for accepting applications for the  Mohling Foundation Scholarship to attend a regional or national NSTA convention has been extended through Oct 16.  

Applicants must have two years of teaching experience in any of grades K-12 in Kansas Schools and intend to continue teaching for the next year.

Application follows:

Wendell G. Mohling Foundation Scholarship Application


This scholarship, in honor of Dr.Wendell G. Mohling, will be awarded to a Kansas science teacher, to attend a National Science Teachers Association Conference.

The scholarship, to be used sometime during the school year it is awarded, will be in the amount of $700.00.  Application deadline is October 1st.


The applicant must meet all of the following requirements:

1) The teacher is currently teaching science in a Kansas school, in grades K-12, and has

     been teaching science for a minimum of 2 years. 

2)  The teacher will continue teaching science in a Kansas school during the following   

     school year, after the scholarship is awarded.  A letter of support from the teacher’s 

     superintendent/ principal will be required, and must accompany the application.

3)  The teacher has never attended an NSTA convention.

4)  The teacher will provide receipts to the foundation, to document the teacher’s 

     expenses while attending the convention.

5)  The teacher will join or renew his/her Kansas Association of Teachers of Science

      membership for the year.  The foundation will reimburse the cost of this membership.



Applicant Information




             First                              Middle                           Last


Current Teaching Assignment:  ________________________________________



School Name:______________________________________________________



School Address:   ___________________________________________________




School District:  ____________________________________________________


School Phone Number:  ______________________________________________


School Fax Number: ________________________________________________


Email Address: ____________________________________________________



Home Address: ____________________________________________________



Home Phone Number: ______________________________________________


Mobile Phone Number:  ____________________________________________



Undergraduate Degree: _____________________________________________


College/University:  _______________________________________________


        Year Granted:   __________________________


Prior teaching experience:  List the school district, the dates employed, and subject(s) taught.








Respond to the following on an 8 ½” x 11” paper, double-spaced, one side only:

Explain in detail how attending a NSTA Convention will benefit you as a science teacher, and the impact your attendance will have on the students that you teach.  Maximum length not to exceed one page.  Attach this essay to the application.


By signing this application, you are attesting that the above information is correct and that you meet all of the requirements for the scholarship.  Please mail this application with the letter of support from your superintendent/principal to:  Wendell G. Mohling Foundation,

P.O. Box 442536, Lawrence, KS  66044.   Deadline:  October 16, 2019



__________________________________________________     __________________

                 Signature                                                                                   Date


Information about the Mohling Foundation, downloadable scholarship application, and biographical information about past winners is available at:  www.wendellmohlingfoundation.com

Questions may be directed to: mohlingfoundation@gmail.com

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Webmaster: webmaster@kats.org

Emails for all officers can be found at CONTACT US.

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