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  • 22 May 2017 9:43 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Middle school science teachers, are you interested in new NGSS-based instructional materials for weather?

    BSCS and the UCAR Center for Science Education are developing an innovative middle school science unit on weather that uses activities, data, and scientific protocols from the GLOBE ProgramThis 4-5 week curriculum unit is a comprehensive approach to the NGSS-based concepts on weather, such as the uneven heating of Earth, local and global atmospheric circulation, and air mass formation and collision, all in pursuit of understanding normal weather patterns and extreme weather events that we experience in our everyday lives.

    We are recruiting twelve middle school science teachers to attend a teacher professional development workshop in Boulder, CO, from August 13-18, 2017, and to field test the instructional unit with students in the fall semester of 2017. Teacher and student feedback will play a significant role in informing the revision of the materials. Please note that it isn’t a requirement for field test teachers to be familiar with the GLOBE Program in order to participate.

    We will provide funds for travel, lodging, and meals for the professional development workshop in August. In addition, we will provide field test teachers with a $1440 stipend: $300 after completing the workshop in August and $1140 after completing the field test in the fall.

    For more information and to apply for this opportunity, please visit: https://scied.ucar.edu/field-test-recruitment

  • 22 May 2017 9:27 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    National Center for Earth and Space Science Exploration Announces:

    New Flight Opportunity for School Districts--

    Student Spaceflight Experiment Program (SSEP) Mission 12

    to the International Space Station, Starting September 2017

    Find details here. 

  • 19 May 2017 8:54 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Sponsored by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory and the Fort Hays State College of Education, this no cost workshop on Monday, July 17 shows the way to bring modern physics into your classroom.  

    Topics include:

    • Relativity and Gravitational Waves
    • Nuclear Radiation
    • Particle Physics
    • Anti-matter
    • NGSS alignment
    Workshop hours are from 9am - 3pm.   Lunch is provided.  Please register online.   For more information please contact:  

    Paul Adams

    Dean, College of Education

    Anschutz Professor of Education & Professor of Physics


  • 19 May 2017 8:45 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Teaching Nature of Matter aligned with NGSS

    July 17th and July 18th, 2017

    9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    Activities and lesson ideas for elementary classrooms.

    • Participants will receive a $250 participation stipend

    • Lodging stipend

    • Lunch provided on both days

    • All workshop supplies will be provided

    • Held at Fort Hays State University

    • Limited to first 24 registrants

    • Optional 1 credit hour – Paid by Participant

    • Deadline to register June 16th, 2017

    • Registration fee $20 (non-refundable)

    For more information, please contact: Ann Noble at amnoble@fhsu.edu or at 785-628-5449

    Operation Primary Physical Science Workshop

    Please mail $20 registration fee before June 16, 2017 to: Ann Noble, 600 Park Street, Hays, KS, 67601

    Name: _____________________________________________________

    School: _____________________________Grade Level:_____________

    Address: ____________________________________________________

    City: ______________________ State: _________ Zip: ______________

    Phone Number: _______________________________________________

    Email: ______________________________________________________



  • 25 Apr 2017 9:46 PM | Anonymous member

    STEM Classrooms and Competitions:  Asking Questions and Defining Problems – Inquire Today  

    The first course of four in ESU’s 12-credit hour information, technology, and scientific literacy certificate program will be offered again this summer, May 22 – August 1, 2017, online using Canvas. Based on available funding, up to 16 students may receive scholarships for tuition and books for three of the four courses.  

    The course (791) develops knowledge and skills STEM preservice or in-service teachers (science, math, engineering, technology) and school librarians need as co-teachers to provide grades 4-12 students guided inquiry instruction around critical issues such as sufficient energy; prevention and treatment of illness and disease; maintaining clean food and water; and global environmental change.

    Complete course descriptions and course learning outcomes are available on the certificate website. Certificate website: http://tinyurl.com/publhlc 

    Please apply using the online form. Look for STEM-ALL Application Information form.

    Certificate website: http://tinyurl.com/publhlc

    Please contact Brady Lund blund2@emporia.edu for more information about enrolling.

    Dr. Mirah Dow, Professor, mdow@emporia.edu

    Dr. Ken Thompson, Professor, kthompso@emporia.edu

    STEM-ALL is partially funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.



  • 24 Apr 2017 1:04 PM | Deleted user

    Summer Educators

    Exploration Place is seeking enthusiastic, engaging, and high-quality educators to engage campers during 10 weeks of summer camp, assist camp instructors, keep campers active during after care and deliver outreach programs for PreK-8 during the summer months. Multiple positions available. Summer Educators will be needed for sessions from May 30 – August 11, 2017.  Training will be provided. High school diploma required. Education or science background and fluency in Spanish preferred. Flexible schedule required, including some evenings, weekends and holidays. Please e-mail your resume to Kathleen.frimel@exploration.org or complete an application at the front desk. No phone calls please. EOE


  • 23 Apr 2017 12:17 PM | Anonymous

    AGENDA--KATS Board Meeting

    April 23, 2017   12:15 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.

    Rock Springs 4-H Camp




    •         I.       Call to Order (12:15 a.m.)


    •      II.       Changes/Additions to the Agenda
    •    III.       Approve Minutes from January 20, 2017 (KATS Board Meeting (@  Exploration Place

                                                                                                     IV.            300 N. McLean Blvd, Wichita, KS ‎ 67230)


    • IV.          Reports of Officers


    • A.     Past - President Dixie Smith
    • ·         Welcome/Opening Comments/Thank-you for a successful camp.
    • ·         Rock Springs has been a pleasure to work with.  It is apparent to me that it is a great advantage to work at a place where the facility is known and familiar. Daniel has been especially helpful at every turn. 
    • ·         The Friday evening steak fry went smoothly in spite of rain.  It would be my recommendation to do the event again at the Collegiate Shelter.  Rock Springs did not charge us for to use the shelter after all, and it was about the right size for the event.  Paul Adam’s and an outside supporter provided the meal, which consisted of steak grilled on site and other dishes catered and brought to camp.  If the group wants to repeat the steak fry next year, Paul is happy to arrange funding again, and I will also be happy to supervise the event.  (See new business.)
    • ·         Pass the gavel to incoming President, Carol Bonham
    • ·         2017-2018 duties:  Awards and Elections for Open Positions[i]


    • B.     President Carol Bonham
    • ·         2017-2018 duties:  Schedule and run Board Meetings; Liaison with Rock Springs


    • C.     President Elect Tim Elsen
    • ·         2017-2018 duties:  Plan and organize 2018 program for camp
    • D.     Vice President Nancy Smith
    • ·         KATS Kamp Vendors/Exhibitors and Donors
    • ·         Prizes for KATS Kamp (General Assemblies, Mealtimes, Regional Sessions, Evening entertainment)


    • E.Treasurer Report -- Shirley Rose
    • ·         Financial report


    • F. NSTA District XI Director  -- Carrie Launius.  (Planning for the 2018 Regional Meeting in St. Louis)


    •   V.          Other Reports
    • a.       KATS Kamp Registration – Eryn Norton-Moland and Erica
    • b.      Membership Chair Lori Coles
    • c.       Website Update – Randy Brull (New Business)
    • d.      Newsletter Elizabeth Tackett
    • e.       KACEE – Liaison vacancy
    • f.       Kansas State Department of Education Lizette Burks
    • g.       Informal Liaison Traci Kallhoff
    • h.      Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair – Liaison vacancy
    • i.        Wendell G. Mohling Foundation – Carol Mohling
    • j.        Regional Reports (Regions 1-6, Appendix III)




    • VI.          KSDE:  Lizette Burks


    • VII.          Breakout Work Sessions in Committees as needed.  See Appendix II.
    • Motions passed on to Secretary for New Business.


    • VIII.          Brief Reports, if needed, from Work Groups with identified issues and proposed solutions, and motions.
    • IX.          Old Business
    • Location of KATS organization documents     


    •   X.          New Business
    • ·         motions and action from workgroups (as needed)
    • WildApricot:  Helper to route and respond to general emails received at kats.org1967@gmail.com; Assistance with classifying incoming emails
    • ·         Should we have a steak fry again at camp in spring 2018?
    • ·         Summer conferences:  Congress and Stem
    • ·         Transition to Teaching (Alternative Licensure)
    • XI.          Announcements
    • XII.          Next Meeting TBA
    • XIII.          Adjourn (2:15 PM)




    • ·   2017 National Congress: July 19 – Saturday, July 22, Buffalo, New York
    • ·   2017 STEM Events: Atlanta (June 8-9); Cincinnati (June 14-15); St. Louis (July 18-19); Fayetteville (August 3-4)
    • ·   2019 National Conference, St. Louis




    Appendix I:  Regions Map





    Appendix II: Committees and Work Groups


    Instead of standard committees (listed below), Board Members may form work groups for preparing for KATS Kamp Conference, Fall Mini-Conferences, or other activities.


    [STANDARD COMMITTEES (and related Goals): Advocacy Committee: (G2); Technology Committee: (G1, G2); Mentoring and Preservice: (G3); Fundraising: (G3); Conference Planning Committee: (G3.2); Membership Committee: (G3.1); Nominating Committee and Awards: (G1)]


    2016-2017 Work Groups:

    • 1.      Fall Virtual Mini-Conference Planning (as needed)
    • a.       Activities, Speakers
    • b.      Technology Needs
    • c.       Recruitment and Advertising
    • 2.      KAMP Recruitment and Advertising
    • 3.      Awards and Elections
    • 4.      Website Continued
    • 5.      Other?



    Appendix III:  Regional Reports


    Region 1:  Suggested fruit at snack times; they enjoyed seeing the Past-Presidents; they missed the Grand Illuminator.  Region I also suggested that we set up “innovation stations” for people to work in teams/brainstorm during sessions. 



    [i] If you have not served two consecutive terms in your current position, you could run again.

  • 22 Mar 2017 9:05 AM | Anonymous

    NEON - NASA Educators Online Network

    ANNOUNCEMENTS  forwarded from Dr. Paul Adams

    Free STEM Education Webinars From NASA Educator Professional Development

    Audience: In-service, Pre-service, Home School and Informal Educators

    The NASA STEM Educator Professional Development Collaborative (EPDC) at Texas State University is presenting a series of free webinars open to all educators. Join NASA education specialists to learn about activities, lesson plans, educator guides and resources that bring NASA into your classroom. Registration is required to participate. To register, simply click on the link provided beneath the webinar description.

    March 21, 2017, at 4:00 p.m. ET: Teachers Connect: NASA's Langley Research Center Centennial Badge (Grades 6-8) -- The first half of the webinar will focus on clouds and their role in Earth’s energy budget and on implementation ideas using GLOBE for different classroom settings as part of the “Earth Right Now: LaRC 100th” digital badge. Participants will talk about student badge implementations, extension ideas and extra resources. The second half-hour will center on the engineering design process using the "Drag Race to Mars Engineering Design Challenge" as part of the “Journey to Mars: LaRC 100th” digital badge. This portion of the webinar will focus on forces and motion and on math calculations using paper airplanes and testing different materials as part of the “Aeronautics: LaRC 100th” digital badge. This webinar meets requirements of teacher discussions within the NASA Langley 100th Educator Professional Development Collaborative digital badges. Register online to participate. https://www.etouches.com/224590 To learn more about the Langley 100th digital badges, log in to https://nasatxstate-epdc.net/ and search for LaRC 100th.


    March 21, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. ET: Earth Right Now -- Weather to Fly By (Grades K-12) -- Participants will learn about basic meteorological concepts including the general characteristics of the atmosphere and how weather conditions and weather phenomena occur. There will be hands-on, standards-aligned mathematics, science and engineering activities about density, mass, fluid dynamics and weather so participants can new ideas take back to their classrooms. Real-world connections with NASA and the airplanes that do weather research will be discussed as the webinar highlights a partnership between NASA Armstrong and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, with the Sensing Hazards with Operational Unmanned Technology, or SHOUT, mission. Register online to participate. https://www.etouches.com/229951


    March 23, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. ET: Earth Right Now: From Earth to the Moon (Grades 4-12) -- Earth is influenced by our moon. Humankind has always observed and asked questions about the moon. NASA has studied our moon for almost 60 years and has sent humans there. Explore that technological accomplishment and the Earth/moon relationship by integrating NASA missions, online resources and STEM classroom lessons. Experience some real “classroom lunacy.” Register online to participate. https://www.etouches.com/229609


    March 27, 2017, at 4:00 p.m. ET: Earth Right Now: NASA Satellite Missions GPM and SMAP (Grades K-12) -- Join our special guest speakers at NASA to learn about the Global Precipitation Mission, or GPM, and Soil Moisture Active Passive, or SMAP, mission. Partipants will explore science content, teachable activities, and resource suggestions for use within educational programs. Register online to participate. https://www.etouches.com/209359


    March 27, 2017, at 5:00 p.m. ET: Earth Right Now: Elementary GLOBE -- Using Picture Books to Initiate STEAM PBL (Grades K-5) -- Explore science-based storybooks that introduce students to key concepts in water, soil, clouds, seasons, aerosols, climate and Earth system studies.The Elementary GLOBE program explores classroom learning activities complementing the science content covered in each storybook. The activities are designed to further engage students in GLOBE's seven investigation areas. Register online to participate. https://www.etouches.com/218043


    March 28, 2017, at 4:00 p.m. ET: Earth Right Now: Looking at Satellite Images (Grades 4-10) -- Use NASA resources to practice exploring the world in spatial terms. This webinar will explore how to use maps and other imagery to acquire, process and report information from a spatial perspective. Students will examine maps at different scales and make observations about the amount of detail they can see. Students then can learn to compare satellite images with maps and use satellite images to measure and map changing land use. Register online to participate. https://www.etouches.com/218054


    March 28, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. ET: Earth Right Now: Space Weather (Grades K-12) -- Participants will learn about ways space weather and radiation impact Earth, as well their effects on planning for space travel and the journey to Mars. Participants also will learn about current research taking place at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center. Register online to participate. https://www.etouches.com/229952


    For the NASA STEM Educator Professional Development webinar schedule, go to: http://www.txstate-epdc.net/events/



    For US Educators: Amateur Radio on the International Space Station--Students Talk to Astronauts

    Call for Proposals -- Window is February 15 – April 15, 2017

    The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) Program is seeking formal and informal education institutions and organizations, individually or working together, to host an Amateur Radio contact with a crewmember on board the ISS. ARISS anticipates that the radio contact would be held between Jan 1, 2018 and June 30, 2018. Crew scheduling and ISS orbits determine the exact dates. To maximize these radio contact opportunities, ARISS is looking for organizations that will draw large numbers of participants and integrate the contact into a well-developed education plan. Students learn about technology, communications, and science studied on board the ISS.

    The deadline to submit a proposal is April 15, 2017. For proposal information and details such as expectations, proposal guidelines and proposal form, and days/times of Information Sessions, go to www.arrl.org/hosting-an-ariss-contact Please direct any questions to ariss@arrl.org .
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